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A Compass & Native American Ministries Sunday Online Gathering

Dear Ones:

We are excited to update you on our latest Online Gathering, slated to premiere this Sunday, April 26, at 10:00 am.  See the links on this website for easy access.  But I have a question first.  Do you have a compass? 

You know, one of those little dealies you might have used as a Boy or Girl Scout, to find your way around in the woods? 

These days, most of us don’t have an actual compass sitting around the house.  But there are plenty of ’em in the App store of your smartphone.  They’re free and easy to use, and they help us figure out the 4 directions: North, East, South and West.  

HINT: If you’d like to join me this Sunday, please use your compass to determine the directions at your home before we start.  There’s a special blessing in store for you, and you’ll be able to join right in.  

I’m also thinking maybe we need to make better use of our spiritual compass, too.   United Methodist Pastor Charley Reeb puts it this way: “A compass always points to magnetic north to help us travel in the right direction. The good news is Jesus gave us “true north” in his teachings. When we are lost and confused all we have to do is remember Jesus’ most important lesson and we can get on the right path again.”  That sounds good to me!

This week in our Online Gathering we celebrate Native American Ministries, one of the special offerings taken in United Methodist Churches to benefit Native people and their communities within our denomination.   But that’s not all.  My Native American friend Derrick Rainbow will be sharing a special prayer with us, too.  Plus, there’s beautiful music and messages brought to you by our Worship Team.  It’s definitely a group effort, and we hope you’ll come.  Can’t make it Sunday?  That’s okay too, as our Online Gatherings are posted on Facebook and YouTube, giving you plenty of time to find us.   See you soon!


Pastora Robin

“It is time for humanity to reset our spiritual compass from self-centeredness to other-centeredness.” Bernice King



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