Wednesday, December 2, 2020 . . . An Advent of Hope

~Psalm 100~

As we sit here in our apartment under the Covid quarantine, and unable to leave the room to visit family and friends, we find comfort in God’s love and listen to his council. We have time to spend resting, listening, and reading about the prophecy of the birth of Jesus and teachings. This is the season we call Advent. He taught us through psalms and parables. His teachings have been carried on until the present day and will continue forever. Jesus tells us not to be afraid, that he will be with us always. Love and mercy will be with us always. Love and help your neighbor, not only those that live next door, but those whom you don’t know. Rejoice and be glad.

Prayer for Advent Hope (Joyce Rupp, O.S.M.): Gracious God, we pray for the part of us that needs God’s light of hope to shine more fully within it. Amen.

Donn and Ruth W., United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz

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