Church as Village / Church as Body

“Church as Village / Church as Body,” a learning opportunity offered by Dr. Mary Maaga, is a fresh approach to understanding why some approaches to ministry work within your Church and why some don’t.  Participants will have a chance during the workshop to explore the psychological, social, and organizational dynamics of your Church as both primitive village and as Biblical body of Christ.

This is a high energy, innovative approach to understanding the personality of your local Church.

Date: Sunday, September  22nd at 2:00 pm, Fellowship Hall

Mary Maaga has a PhD with distinction from Drew University in Religion and Society and was an Ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church. She is a popular retreat leader and event speaker.  Her novel The Alabaster Orphan: A Mystic Girl’s Journey with Jesus has been described as spellbinding, inspiring, gritty, “a Jesus story like none other.”